Why choose us

Why choose Foothill Pulmonary and Critical Care Consultants Medical Group?

At Foothill Pulmonary, you and your health is our number one priority. We are committed to providing patients with excellent, compassionate healthcare no matter the condition. Whether your appointment is for a routine physical, cold or cough, abnormal test results, sleeping, snoring or breathing problems, or dealing with a critical or terminal illness, you can be assured that you will receive top quality, patient centered care.

Dealing with healthcare can be difficult to navigate through especially when you or your loved one is sick. The highly skilled team of internal medicine, pulmonary, sleep, and critical care Foothill Pulmonary Physicians and Mid-Level Practitioners are there by you and your family’s side providing you knowledge, guidance, and support. Our friendly and attentive office staff at Foothill Pulmonary are here to provide support and assistance through any situation including making appointments, navigating forms, insurance and medication authorizations, working with your pharmacy and insurance company, coordinating a variety of in-house and outside procedures and testing, ordering and maintaining medical equipment such as oxygen, nebulizers, ventilators, home health daily living such as wheel chairs, and sleep supplies such as CPAP machines.

Our goal is EXCELLENT service at every encounter. Read more…